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Kate Sala Home Page


Kate Sala was born in Nottingham, although lived in Italy on the edge of beautiful Lake Como for a few years when she was younger. Dance has always been an important part of her life. Kate started dance at the age of 5. Learning ballet, modern, tap and character dancing, then progressing onto Jazz, hip-hop eventually line dancing. From an early age, Kate was performing in theatres, touring and dancing in shows throughout Europe. In1999 she started competing in line dance competitions; winning first place with Universal Cup and eventually progressing to world championship level with the U C W D C. Kate soon moved onto competition tuition, teaching and training others and instructors. Her line dance choreography started almost immediately and was the first big boost of her career. That then led into her now large popularity within the industry, putting her work in high demand. She is constantly booked as a choreographer, instructor and personality around the world.

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